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Hello to Our Loyal Patients,

I want to update all of you on some measures we have taken in the office to ensure that we can continue to serve your needs while reducing risk to you, our staff and the general public.

1. YES - We are still open, seeing patients and giving shots.
2. YES - It is important that you keep your allergies and asthma under good control so your immune system can fight infections with it's full strength. Please do not stop any medicines or treatments without contacting us first.
3. We are reviewing all patient charts before your appointment. If appropriate, we will offer you a phone call visit rather than having you come into the office. For some patients, an office visit may be necessary, but we will of course respect your wishes and not force you to come into the office.
4. We are trying not to use the waiting room. If there is a waiting period before your appointment or after your allergy shot, you may be asked to wait in your vehicle if we do not have an exam room immediately available.
5. We are minimizing our contact with you. We are only performing necessary vital signs, physical exams and tests.
6. We are disinfecting everything that we both come in contact with after every patient encounter. We have plenty of disinfectant and are using it liberally.
7. We are not seeing patients with illnesses. Many of our patients have chronic nasal and respiratory symptoms. We are screening patients well before their appointment to prevent anyone from entering our office who has been recently ill. If you are ill and need to be seen, we will likely direct you to Urgent Care of the ER where they are set up to deal with acutely ill patients and have policies in place for this.

I can assure you that we are here to help all of you get through this unprecedented pandemic. Please reach out to us if you have concerns or questions. We appreciate your patience with us. Like all healthcare providers globally, we have been very busy keeping up with the evolving guidelines and fielding hundreds of phone calls and emails from concerned patients.

Together we will all get through this and I am confident it will make us stronger, more self reliant and more appreciative of the blessings and freedom that we all cherish as Americans. Please take care of yourselves, take care of those around you, and hold fast to Faith, Family and Friends.

Stay Well,
Dave Mangold, PA-C

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